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About Us
Our company
We are a family owned company, established in 1969. We provide Foil Embossing, Foil Stamping, Debossing, Die Cutting and Conversion services to the Graphic Design and Printing Trade. We have professional, highly trained and skilled personnel to provide unequaled service both with quoting and production.

Our customers receive the very best service whether they are large, long standing orders or small first time ones. When an order is processed, the customer knows their product will be completed within the time promised, and the quality will be the best possible. We always double check the items received for processing as that extra set of eyes often catches mistakes before we process the order, thus saving the customer double costs to rerun a product.

Our customers know that their product will look exactly as they expect it to when processed by IIDC. We will do "whatever it takes" to make each and every customer satisfied and proud of their printed item.

"Whatever it Takes"

"Whatever it takes" is our company slogan, and it means just that. When our customers call, and we promise to have their job completed within a set time, we will do whatever it takes to make that happen. When we quote a price from information supplied, that is the price. There are no hidden costs yet to be disclosed.

If it's promised to be completed in 3 days, or 4, or whatever, that's what will happen. "Whatever it Takes" means our customers are never surprised after placing their orders with us. No surprises except for the occasional "that's even better than I hoped it would be" which always makes us pleased, and the customer completely satisfied.
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(888) 506-4474

About Our Foil Stamping Company

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