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Gluing & Folding

Since presentation folders are our largest selling product, we have incorporated an automatic gluing folding machine that allows us to produce large amounts of converted presentation folders to our customers in very short turnaround times. We feel our policy of giving the customer what they need to satisfy their customers is what service is all about. After all, we are selling services and we promise to do "what ever it takes" to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

When the project requires conversion where our automatic folding/ gluing machine is not able to be used, we have the personnel to do hand bindery operations with experience and technical know how that guarantees quality and on time delivery.

Helpful Hints

When we glue and finish presentation folders, these few hints will be of great value.

We almost always use a glue tag that measures 1” in width.
The glue tab is almost always on the body of the folder, rather than on the pocket end.
This is necessary on the automatic equipment used in conversion.

You should NEVER varnish over the glue tab where the glue will be applied as it will not penetrate the paper fibers and bond the pocket shut.

When in doubt or if there are questions, please call before you print. We are always available to assist you in planning the project.

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